My roots lie in the Snoqualmie Valley. I grew up in Fall City, left to study forestry at Evergreen State College in Olympia and then spent 10 years in the forestry consulting business. I began shifting into construction work in 1981, when I helped a friend restore a historic home on Queen Anne Hill. I returned to the Valley for 20 years, then recently moved to Olympia. But many of my clients and friends remain in the Greater Seattle Area, so I make frequent trips north.

My clients know that if I’m not working, I’m probably fishing. I love fishing for steelhead the most, a passion passed to me by my father. I would fish for a living if I could figure out a way to make an income from it.

"We like the personal touch, talking to our clients. It’s like having a big family."

Dick Seaman moved to Washington after he retired from Edison Electric, in California. He has been my partner in crime now for about 20 years. He’s my right and left-hand man, and most importantly, my very good friend. When he retires for the second time he will be sorely missed.

Steelhead fishing Dick Seaman Ron Bluher with his big catch